Gum disease is sometimes considered the sixth complication of diabetes, but often people don't even often know about it.

Diabetics are more prone to gum infections

When someone is suffering from diabetes, the blood vessels' structure is altered. This may cause a reduction in the blood flow, which in turn may weaken the gums and surrounding bone, leaving them more prone to infections.

What you can do

People who suffer from diabetes can have severe gum disease if their condition is uncontrolled. Therefore it is important to follow a thorough oral care routine at home and to visit your dentist at least once a year.

Book your appointments at a time when the dentist is least likely to keep you waiting, such as first thing in the morning. Try to avoid lunchtime in case you have to miss a meal.

You may also find that you heal more slowly after surgery and you should discuss this with your dentist before you have any treatment.